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tom rhodes

2 questions, one shoudl be simple and the other i'm not really sure what to do about...

1. how can i send a mail to multiple recipients? i've tried separating with ";" and "," but mtwin.mail throws an error.

2. a site i'm working on works perfectly when i set the recipient to be any of 4 email addresses i use, plus those of various friends BUT my client uses microsoft exchange mail server and it just does not receive any generated from mtwin.mail. any ideas on this? it could be that the domain of the sent mail "[hidden email]" doesn't match the domain of the mail server. they are on the same box though. might be a boundary issue, any way i can address this and still use mtwin? code to send mail is below...

class SendMail 

public function new() 
public static function sendMultiPart(to:String, from:String, htmlText:String, plainText:String, subject:String, servername:String, ?port:Int, ?username:String, ?pass:String):Void
var p = new mtwin.mail.Part("multipart/alternative");
var h = p.newPart("text/html");
var t = p.newPart("text/plain");
mtwin.mail.Smtp.send( servername, from, to, p.get(), port, username, pass );



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