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jedit and extended haxe mode

Hello list, i've started working on a haxe plugin for jEdit, it is the lightest and easiest of the 3 cross-platform java IDEs (netbeans, eclipse) .
It already has a php mode in its plugin repositories, a js plugin is also available on the net...

Basic lexing for syntax highlighting is provided at, and i've succesfully compiled haxe projects using ant/make and a haxe commando task.

So what's left is true parsing, so the sidekick plugin would show symbols and could send true autocompletes...
I think parsing the compiler's xml output should do it, no need to go throught the text buffer for that, and the --display could be used for auto-complete...

Also project support should be easy enough, i've made a haxe dockable (that should be part of the project dockable) to easily switch compiler target for current project...

Looking at Nicolas' list of what should be in an IDE i can check the following:
* Svn support
* ant\make
* hx\hxml\xml\html\php\js\c++
* code completion (for haxe, only TextAutoComplete for now...)
* classpath managment (both in the project viewer, and globally in the haxe plugin)
* syntax highlighting (hx\hxml\xml\html\php\js\c++)
* dockable\splitable windows
* cross-platform, macros, plugins, fully java customizable

Other features planned, the ihx hscript shell in the console (so there'll be system+ant+bsh+ihx), import fixing, auto interface method completion,

For a long time now i've been looking for a better ide, been using mostly gedit&Geany on linux which dont cut it, even FD does'nt have all these features i think, and none of them crossplatform...
Not that many resources on web, so while writing it (even though this is the first time i write java) is pretty straitforward, any thoughts and support would be more than welcome.


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