haxe --gen-hx-classes resources.swf results in illegal extern definitions

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haxe --gen-hx-classes resources.swf results in illegal extern definitions

Dion Amago
When I use
haxe --gen-hx-classes resources.swf
the extern files have compilation problems.


extern interface IFlexDisplayObject ...
    function hitTestObject(mx.core:IFlexDisplayObject/mx.core:IFlexDisplayObject:stage/get : flash.display.DisplayObject) : Bool;

This throws a compiler error, due to the weird syntax where the variable has a dot within the name.

I'm using a very recent version of haxe, one of the recent nightly builds.  The resources.swf contains embedded SVG files, and otherwise works fine when I comment out all the extern functions that the
compiler complains about.

Is this a bug, or am I perhaps doing something wrong?


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