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Lars Larson
My current project involves a front-end that allows the user to modify
values in a table (key values pairs) with two columns. I originally
thought I'd do it in Django/Python (as the rest of the project is
written in it), but I haven't touched the source code in a year and it
would be a lot more work than in a non-stateless environment, so that
would require as much time investment as trying something new.

Is there any reasonable (in terms of time, I cannot implement a table
widget in Flash from scratch) way to implement something like this with
haXe and its Flash target? My other option would be to develop the
graphical client in C#/.NET with Windows Forms and let it interface
using SOAP.

Or I could fall back to good old Borland Delphi, something I grew so
fond of over the years I just cannot let go ;-)



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