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Ian Martins
James Hofmann wrote:

> Quoting "Nicolas Cannasse" <[hidden email]>:
>>> I support adding detailed documentation to everywhere, once we figure
>>> out how to do that (since haxe version updates will overwrite the api
>>> docs on the wiki, ifI remember correctly)
>> Not it doesn't, the Wiki documentation is kept even after
>> synchronization.
>> Nicolas
> I've edited the wiki API pages before and I don't think my edits were
> preserved, but it was a long time ago. Did something about this
> process change?
edits I've made over a year ago are still there, so maybe something's
changed.  an edit can still be lost if the class or method moves, but
this is rare.
> Also, are the wiki pages used for compiling the offline documentation?
> If not, they should.
I assume you mean hxdoc and chxdoc.  those just use the source.  You
wouldn't want the compiler making web requests anyway.

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