does mod_neko work with 64bit win7?

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does mod_neko work with 64bit win7?


Does mod_neko work with 64bit win7, tried editing the httpd.conf file in wamp but it seems to crash. And the logs say very little.  Maybe I am missising something, or do I need a recompiled mod_neko.ndll ... has someone got one ready made, I looked into compiling it myself found a mingw gcc compiler for 64 bit but suspect that it might be tricky as I struggled to find the VS ones which are probably setup with ocaml, or maybe I don't need to?  I can use the local neko server that is sweet with flashdevelop, but wanted to try out async locally so needed mod_neko, not aiming to do much neko just prove the front end communication prior to handing over.
The alternative is php  but prefer to use neko, or maybe switch to my personal mac which I think I have setup so I can compile mod_neko if need be.



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