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SamHaXe Issues

Lee Sylvester

Hey guys,


I’m trying to create some font resource files using SamHaXe, but I’m running into issues.  When using the following XML


<shx:resources version="9" compress="false"






      <font:ttf import="Arial.ttf" name="Arial" class="ArialCls">


            <font:include range="a..z"/>

            <font:include range="A..Z"/>

            <font:include range="0..9"/>

            <font:include characters=" ,.:!?-(){}ä%^&*_+=@'#~/|\`̢"/>






I get the error


D:\Project\haXe\test\assets\fonts>SamHaXe Arial.xml Arial.swf

Called from @Main::$statics line 1

Called from SamHaXe::main line 698

Called from SamHaXe::$init line 112

Called from SamHaXe::new line 380

Called from SamHaXe::runImport line 466

Called from Font::import_font_1_0 line 219

Uncaught exception - Could not open file 'Arial.ttf', reason:



Unfortunately, that error tells me nothing as to why this isn’t working.  Has anyone else had this issue?






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