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Re: doubleclick? bezier tweens
Played with creating some bezier tween last night, I need to do some more calculations to get bezier tweening working the way I would like in feffects... I want to just specify the points on the path, but I think it's not so hard I think I just have to join a few dots in my head, as basically I just need to calculate the curveTo points and based on curveThru and work with grey dots rather than the colored ones, (maybe tangents) maybe I have enough info. My experiment probably makes it clearer...

( the code is checked in under bezier_chain in divtastic ).
But it would be nice to maybe add something to feffects for this... seems it has more place with the tween engine, if I get a prototype together next time I am experimenting it would be good to get something added to feffects or one of the others, what do you think filt3rek? Any thoughts on implementation?


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