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Franco Ponticelli
If you make a stop in Lisbon because you find cheaper fares to there we can continue together ;)


On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 12:19 PM, Cauê Waneck <[hidden email]> wrote:
I'll do my best to be there. When the date is settled, I'll reserve an air ticket so I can confirm to you guys!

I'd like to talk about the haXe's new targets, C# and Java. And if you'd like to know, about their performance and internals


2011/2/25 Nicolas Cannasse <[hidden email]>

Le 17/02/2011 10:02, Nicolas Cannasse a écrit :

Le 17/02/2011 01:12, Tony Polinelli a écrit :
We should all decide to give into pressure, fly to france, and beg for
jobs at motion-twin. You've got a heap of free desks dont you nicolas?

We will soon move in a new place, with much more space than we have now,
so yes we will have a lot of free desks (bring your own !) ;)

BTW, what should we do for the meeting ? So far 14 people are ok to
come, but we lack time to organize something. So maybe I will setup the
whole thing during a weekend in Bordeaux using Motion-Twin HQ, would
that be okay for everybody ?

Followup : I got agreement for using MT-HQ. We are planing to move by the end of march, so we will have the meeting during April, most likely 19 and 20 (to be confirmed very soon).

If you are coming and want to give a talk about haXe or the work you've been doing with haXe, please submit it on this thread ;)


haXe - an open source web programming language

haXe - an open source web programming language

haXe - an open source web programming language