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@Martin Lindel:
I'm whole-hog into PureMVC and highly recommend it. A while back I was researching frameworks and found PureMVC. Its popularity for AS3, coupled with its widespread porting to other languages made it a clear winner for me. When I made the jump from AS3 to haXe it came with me with no re-learning necessary. It was also fairly easy to convert some of my AS3/PureMVC stuff into haXe/PureMVC. 

I'm just getting started using the multicore version. My opinion so far is that it is okay for big projects but way overkill for most other stuff; I like the single core better so far.

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anyone else using puremvc? I'm just starting to learn it, reading tuts, and have coded some simple boilerplate template with textmate so I can setup a project with a click.
I'm going all in on puremvc, I've had "my own" interp of MVC but, I think it's better to use something so wide spread.

Martin Lindelöf

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