PHP and Fast.innerHTML with non-English chars

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PHP and Fast.innerHTML with non-English chars

Juan Delgado
Hi there,

I'm trying to parse some RSS feeds using haxigniter/PHP. For example, this feed:

Has non-English chars in the titles and when trying to parse it in PHP
using node.innerHTML, instead of getting:

"Answer by Zárate for Action Script SSH Client"

I get:

"Answer by Z<![CDATA[árate for Action Script SSH Client]]>"

And if I use innerData I get an exception:

"uncaught exception: content does not only have data"

Both work ok in Neko. Reported and sample code here:

[BTW, can't find the "Labels" box to assign to a specific platform
when reporting issues]



Juan Delgado - Zárate

haXe - an open source web programming language