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[Haxe + NME] Some newbie questions

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I want to ask if it is possible to make native extension for NME using C++ code for Android. I think especially about Scoreloop. AFAIK they have C++ API for many mobile systems and would be very useful for many platforms supported by NME. What about OpenFeint? Anyone get success with using it with HaXe?

I just want to know too what about Bada support? It uses C++ in thier SDK so is there any way to target Bada? I would love to win Bada Challange and then tell everyone that I made my game using HaXe and it is the best tool;)

Are there any limitations what AS3 code can be working with haxe code? I mean if would be a problem if flash game sponsor ask me to integrate his AS3 API to the game (I am just talking about flash target).

Can anyone recommend any editor with very good code completion for Mac? I tried Eclipse + Eclihx and it doesn't work very well for me, and TextMate is a little strange. Is something as good as FlashDevelop? I dont want to use parallels + flashDevelop because then my Mac is laud like JamboJet and I have sensitive ears;) Documentation for NME is really poor and without good editor I can't even start hard working;)