Error in as3 generation for Date?

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Error in as3 generation for Date?

Dinkar Ganti

Is there an error in generating as3 code correctly for
import mx.core.Container;
import mx.controls.Label;
class DateUtilTests {
  public function new(aContainer : Container) {
    try {
    var date =;
    var label = new Label();
    label.text = "The date " + Std.string(date);
    }catch(err : Dynamic) {
      var errorLabel = new Label();
      errorLabel.text = "There is an error " + Std.string(err);

The above code returns type error : #1006. I am compiling this code
using Haxe Compiler 2.0 and generating as3 code. Is there a conflict between
the flex's default date and haxe's date. Is there a workaround that I
could use?


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