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Documents , Translation and I18n/L10n

Fei Yin
Hi ! Nicolas,

I'm a user from China , the luncher of . But there
is a problem that lots of peoples from China don't want to use haXe
cause the compiler just using English, and the document don't have a
completely Chinese version . we had try to translate the documents
,but we the document on wiki is not a good way for translation work .
when haXe have a version update , the document was changed , But we
can't get the list of document changing. Could we found a new document
project for haXe ?

The other thing is for the compiler , we wants translate the compiler
tips to other languages , but there is no way except edit the source
code and recompile . So , could we make the haXe compiler and haXe lib
tools working with xml language file or .mo file and a configuration
file to setting the language haXe use ?
Yin Fei

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