Creating a dll from a Haxe project

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Creating a dll from a Haxe project

Régis Leboeuf
Hello everybody.

I am trying to make a dll from my haxe project to be able to use it in other C++ projects.
I know that I can make a static library with HXCPP but I can't figure how to make a dynamic library.

I have tried to make a Visual Studio 2010 DLL project with the cpp files of my project generated by HXCPP.
Then I have added the $HXCPP/include directory to this project to be able to compile.
But I have now tons of link errors like this one :
Xml.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall Dynamic::Dynamic(class String const &)" (??0Dynamic@@QAE@ABVString@@@Z)

It seems that I need some libraries but I can't find them.
Can anyone help me, is it the good way to create a DLL?


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