ANN: Liberation, an app framework for haXe/Flash

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ANN: Liberation, an app framework for haXe/Flash

James W. Hofmann
"Liberation makes it simple to quickly tune and iterate Flash  
applications with large amounts of static data, such as games. By  
running a Python server in the background during development, assets  
can be loaded as soon as you save them. Liberation also aims to make  
distribution as convenient as development with "solid" and "preloader"  
compilation options."

This is still in a pretty early state. The code is pretty rough in  
places, it's Windows-only, it uses both swfmill and SamHaXe when I  
could probably use just SamHaXe, and it hasn't been extensively tested  
yet(that will have to wait until I can start a real project with it)  
but I have successfully used and tested the little demo app it ships  

I'm going to be at Flash Games Summit, and while I didn't plan  
anything specific, hopefully I'll get to demo it a little. This has  
been a very exciting project :)

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