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Hi !

I'm new with haXe and I would like to ask you some help with remoting with AMF.
I'm using the haxe.remoting.AMFConnection class, and I'm coming across some problems with te call() method.

function call( params : Array<Dynamic>, ?onResult : Dynamic -> Void ) : Void

I'm proceeding like this :

public function amf_send() :  String
    var amf = AMFConnection.urlConnect("");["Test"], result);
    return "Okay";

public function result(a:Dynamic) : Void
    trace("Something has been received");

But the result "function" doesn't run.
The function amf_send returns the string, and sends the datas to the gateway.

But I don't get why the result function does not run.

Could someone give me some help ?
Thx !